Satin Cord and More - Satin Cord Rattail (Rat Tail) Jewelry Cord for Chinese Knotting Cord, Kumihimo, Micro Macrame, Beading Cord.
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Welcome to Satin Cord and More 

We specialize in selling satin cord rattail (rat tail) and other jewelry cord and craft cord selections. You can use our satin cord rattail (rat tail) for projects such as kumihimo, micro macrame, chinese knotting, bead cord, trims, laces, bridal veils, wedding favors, scrapbooking, ties and even shoelaces!
Our large variety of colors are available in cords such as chinese knotting cord, beading cord, nylon satin cord and rayon satin cord (rattail cord) to name a few. Our cords are available in spools as well as small, convenient and economical packages for all of your jewelry cord and craft cord making needs.

Buy our items today to complete your important beading and jewelry making projects. Get great deals on satin cord rattail items and find just what you need.
Check out our everyday satin cord rattail economy packs, our clearance items, sales and remnant bags as well as our great everyday pricing on non-sale items. We have several varieties of jewelry making tools to use with beading, micro macrame and chinese knotting projects. 

Satin Cord Nylon 1mm Economy Pack 
C-Lon Tex 135 Cord  

C-Lon Tex 135 Cord 136 yd
Beautiful colors!

We now have free shipping to the US only on all orders of $49.00 up.
Our checkout program should be all set to deliver the free shipping, but let us know if there are any problems.

picture of package for free shipping

Satin Cord Nylon 2mm Economy Pack 
Satin Cord Nylon 1mm 

Satin Cord Nylon 1mm 100 yd spools - Now just $4.99!

Free Samples
You can choose your own free sample  - one with every purchase!

Closeout Sale 

Our beautiful braided Chinese Knotting Cord is available in several sizes and package sizes and is now on closeout. It is currently 40% off regular price. We will entertain all offers of bulk buy and review to see what kind of price we can give. All stock may not be on the site. Ask for what you want. :)

Economy Packs 

Economy Packs are back!




Satin Cord
Nylon 2mm
Sky Blue
In all size packages.

Satin Cord
Nylon 2mm
In all size packages.

Satin Cord
Nylon 1mm
In all size packages.

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